Visitors from the skies, out to mine the valuable Asteroids from the asteroid belt before humanity has the chance.

Alien TypesEdit

  • Small UFOs:  64x32.  6 HP.  Classic saucer ship.  Fast moving and able to steal small asteroids. 
    Fires a small, quick twin laser only capable of moving horizontally.

  • Medium UFOs:  128x64.  20 HP.  Larger variety of Small UFO.  Slow moving, firing a large triple pulse laser only capable of moving horizontally.  Mini-boss variation at the end of Level 1-1 has 30 HP and drops the Pulse Laser weapon.

  • Large UFOs:  150 HP.

  • Mining Blasts:  Bombs that attach to large asteroids, creating a large explosion to break it up.  Breaks apart any nearby medium asteroids but completely consumes small asteroids, as well as destroying the Danio.

  • Centurions:  Alien space fighter.  Agile flyer, capable of firing sidewinder pattern missiles which explode upon impact with asteroids.