Bills TODOEdit

  • Pulse Laser cannon/weapon image
  • Boss movement/battle scanned in
  • GUI
    • Animate Power-Up buttons
    • Numbers/font
    • Menu Pause screen
    • Upgrade screen
  • More aLiEnZ!!1
  • Finalize gravity charges blaster and boomerang blades info and images.
  • Splash screens
  • EXPLOSIONS!!!!?! graphics
  • Re-scheme the colors for the asteroids to better work with the background and UI
  • Background foreground for some hardcore p scrolling.  Awww yea.
  • Font?
  • Harpoon chain image?  Unless Jared can make some cool dynamic whip like "string" for it.  Thus the lil hole on the left end of the harpoon.
  • Pulse Laser graphics for Laser lvls 2,3,4.
  • G Blaster graphics for lvl4.
  • Levels, levels, levels!  Put 'em on paper and get prepped for the level editor.
  • Level editor stuff to play with:
    • Asteroid speeds
    • Vertical movement speeds
    • Harpoon lengths
    • Rapid fire speeds
    • Left/Right enabler for speed and situational testing
  • The other 90%


  • Harpoon image