Current fixes (to be tested)Edit

  • You can move left and right on the current demo via the arrow keys.

Pending IssuesEdit

  • Also, the smaller asteroids drift continually after being spawned from their larger momma asteroids.  Any way to have them halt after a certain distance?
  • Sometimes the background fails to load.
  • Firefox performane issues (console logging?)
  • lasers can be fired while paused

Resolved issuesEdit

  • For the current build, I noticed that if you're moving up or down too quickly, the asteroids that should be absorbed will just fly right under/above you.  Fixed 5/17/13.
  • You probably figured this out from our last conversation, but thought I'd throw it up here anyway... the default for the laser weapon is both of the beams.  ie, should fire a twin laser.  The damage is still correct (2) but the graphic isn't.  Fixed 5/27/13.
  • When an asteroid near the top gets destroyed and half its spawning asteroids float up and past the edge of the screen, they come up from the bottom.  And same thing with the bottom as well.  Fixed 5/27/13.