The player assumes the role of the pilot of the Danio, a mining ship that operates on the Jupiter side of the as

The Danio.

teroid belt in the mid-24th century.  After losing contact with the human colony on Mars, the Danio braves the asteroid belt in an attempt to discover the fate of the Martian outpost, all while mining valuable minerals from various Asteroids and battling Alien invaders for survival.


  • Initial size:  64x32
  • Desired hit-box size:  56x28 ellipse


The Danio's main mining ability and the only starting ability of the Danio.  Can extend out to a maximum of 320 pixels from the Danio.  Used by holding down the mouse for more than 1 second.  (Maybe 1.5 seconds.)  The Danio then fires the harpoon in a straight line, extending out til it makes contact with a medium or large asteroid.  The harpoon ignores small asteroids and will break/bounce off of crystalline asteroids.  The asteroid gets quickly 'reeled in' and positioned in front of the Danio, where the timer starts, mining the asteroid as long as the player keeps the mouse button held down.  The asteroid will be destroyed if hit by anything dealing enough damage to it, but thus can act as a shield for the Danio.  If the player releases the mouse button in the middle of mining, the asteroid will fire off horizontally to the right, moving twice its normal speed.  The asteroid will deal its max HP as damage to anything it hits, breaking upon impact and releasing the normal number of smaller asteroids.  (Asteroids fired off via harpoon will destroy all small asteroids in their path, however, and, thus, not break up.)

Mining times and yields vary from asteroid to asteroid, detailed on the Asteroid main page.

  • Lvl 1.  Default.
  • Lvl 2.  10,000m.  Mining takes 25% less time.
  • Lvl 3.  30,000m.  Mining takes 50% less time.  Spacebar will pause/unpause the mining timer.



  • Lvl 1.  Default.  128x96 ellipse.
  • Lvl 2.  10,000m.  192x160 ellipse.
  • Lvl 3.  100,000m.  256x224 ellipse.


  • Lvl 1.  Default.  1 HP.
  • Lvl 2.  2,000m.  2 HP.  Invincible for 2 seconds after being hit.
  • Lvl 3.  30,000m.  3 HP.  Invincible for 2 seconds after being hit.

Vertical Speed:

  • Lvl 1.  Default.  Speed = 80
  • Lvl 2.  100m.  Speed = 165
  • Lvl 3.  1,000m.  Speed = 250