In-Game/In-Level UIEdit


Example layout

The in-game UI/HUD is a long strip on the top of the screen occupying 640x64 pixels

  • Menu1
    Top Left:  Origin (0,0).  Menu button.  128x32 pixels.  Menu1 is default.  Menu2 is when mouse is hovered over top.  Menu3 is when the mouse button is clicked and held down.

Ui level1 1
  • Bottom Left:  Origin (0, 32).  "Level X-Y".  128x32 pixels.  (will chop it up for pixel art number placement later)

  • Ui ast counter
    Top Almost-Left:  Origin (128, 0).  Current total minerals. 96x32 pixels.  Global, ie, not just minerals collected thus far that level.   Separated the numbers and into a separate PNG file.  Origins for the six numbers are ([161, 171, 181, 191, 201, 211], 8).

  • Heart06
    Bottom Almost-Left:  Origin (128, 32).  Health meter.  96x32 pixels.  Three 32x32 squares with a picture of a heart.  (Will only show one or two hearts until the player buys the full upgrades)

  • Har ui 01
    Top/Bottom Left-Middle:  Origin (224, 0).  Harpoon meter.  96x64 pixels.  The bottom half will be the actual meter.  There's 72 frames in each PNG file, with there being three files for each of the three harpoon levels.  The meter PNG should be placed with an origin of (237, 40).   The PNG file has two images.  1 = off/disabled, 2 = on.

  • Weapon1 ui 1
    Weapon2 ui 1
    Right-Middle:  Origin (320, 0), (384,0), (448,0). 
    Weapon3 ui 1
    The three main weapons, each being 64x64.  Can click to equip.  The currently equipped weapon will be highlighted.  Shows levels for each of the three.  The PNG file has three images per weapon icon.  1 = off, 2 = on, 3 = undiscovered.

  • Move ui 01
    Mxfire ui 01
    Top/Bottom Right:  Origin (512,0) and (576,0).  Both 64x64.  Meters similiar in look and style to the Harpoon meter (except smaller), one to represent the Move! timer and one to represent the Fire! timer.

I didn't like the idea of the on-screen score since I think it would clash with the asteroid score tally.  I think at the end of each level we could have a score screen that totals up kills, asteroids, mined asteroids, hits taken, etc, present you with a level total and then give you some asteroids based on that score.

After hitting the Menu button:

192x256 pixel rectangle, centered.

  • Options (and in that menu, opened up in the same rectangle:)
  1. Sound
  2. Music
  3. Controls (like maybe a more left-y friendly set of hotkeys for weapon swapping)
  • Restart Level
  • Quit Level
  • Quit Game


Upgrade ScreenEdit

Level Select ScreenEdit

Opening Screen & Misc.Edit