A page to list bugs and known issues with the game or content concerning the game that need addressing.

Misc IssuesEdit

  • When Googling the game, the search result is "Aliens and Asteroids."
... i wasn't sure which you wanted.. we aslo have and   Anyway its been fixed on the page for a few days and it's just a matter of time before the google cache updates.
  • When Googling the game, the subtext contains a typo in the word "coming."
This is also gone, before there was a game the page just said "Coming soon" which is what google has. I supose I should make some kind of password protection while we are working on it...

Developer's NotesEdit

Ideal resolution:  640x480

(high level description)

How do you want the level editor to look/work?

  • Any kind of drag/drop feature for placing asteroids on a gridded game background along would be great...  Along with the ability to tweak game scroll speed and the ship's vertical speed (and be able to see those speeds quantified).  And we could go from there, I suppose.

  • On bullet speeds, referenced from Fire!:  As of 5/22/13, would like the bullet speed to be lowered a bit, perhaps halfed?  Would have to experiment with it.  And maybe have something of cool-down timer for how fast the firing/clicks can go together?  Will have to experiment...