Starting with Level 1-3, the Danio is able to collect three different power-ups randomly dropped from specific Aliens (though some power-ups are statically placed).  The Power-Up floats through space until disappearing off the left side of the screen or being picked up by the Danio, upon which it will immediately activate.


First appears in Level 1-3.  An explosive blast that vaporizes or breaks up Asteroids and destroys most Aliens.

  • Lvl 1:  Default.  Vaporizes all small asteroids, breaks up medium asteroids.  Destroys all small aliens.
  • Lvl 2:  1500m.  Vaporizes all small and medium asteroids, breaks up large asteroids.  Destroys all small and medium aliens.
  • Lvl 3:  3000m.  Vaporizes all asteroids.  Destroys all aliens besides bosses.


First appears in Level 1-4.  Thrusters that allow the Danio to move left and right temporarily.  However, whereever the Danio is when the effect wears off will be where the Danio must stay (excluding Lvl 3 of the power-up).  A three second warning will appear before the effect ends.

  • Lvl 1:  Default.  Horizontal movement speed = 0.5 * Vertical speed.  7 seconds.
  • Lvl 2:  1500m.  Horizontal movement speed = 0.75 * Vertical speed.  10 seconds.
  • Lvl 3:  3000m.  Horiztonal movement speed = 1.0 * Vertical speed.  12 seconds.  After the effect ends, the Danio will be allowed to continue to move left, and only left, for the rest of the level.


First appears in Level 1-6.  A superconductor that allows the Danio's Weapons to resist over-heating and fire at a much faster rate.  Temporarily disables the Harpoon.

  • Lvl 1:  Default.  Able to hold down the mouse button.  Fires roughly the same speed as clicking very quickly.  Bullet speed +10%.  (See Developer's Notes in reference to current bullet speeds.)
  • Lvl 2:  1500m.  Fires as quick as clicking with no cooldown between clicks.  Bullet speed +15%.
  • Lvl 3:  3000m.  Very fast, maybe half (or even quarter) speed of the demo.  Bullet speed +25%.